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Doing business on a global scale today means much more than being able to address foreign markets in their local language. It means that companies must understand the cultural differences that make each country unique. For businesses with domestic focus that either target ethnic markets or employ foreign nationals, the need to communicate accurately and effectively in multiple languages is equally crucial.
When you confide a translation project to Top Translators, you will receive a translation that is not only performed by a native speaker who maintains a regular connection with his or her home country, but who also has selected to focus on specific industries to ensure the most accurate interpretation and rendition of your corporate material.
When the intended audience resides in the United States, and is influenced by the increased usage of English terminology, Top Translators will adapt the translation to fit your audience by incorporating subtle linguistic changes. The benefits to our clients are what we call our Intercultural Advantage - the knowledge that the way you communicate is fully accepted by your target audience, increasing your company's credibility and opportunities in any language.

Project Management
Our Project Management staff is your designated point of contact. The Project Manager's role is to assemble the team of linguists (translators, editors and proofreaders) that will work on your translation. The selection of this team is based on each linguist's background, and knowledge of material similar to yours, to give you a world-class product in all required languages. The entire team is also responsible for working through the entire project coordination, from start to finish, and will do everything in their power to meet your project goals.

Project Analysis
Once the team has been identified, the Project Manager will initiate our Project Analysis phase. In this phase, our staff performs an in-depth analysis of the source material to determine the most efficient course of action. Here, we will evaluate which computer-aided translation tools - translation memories for instance - we will be employing to provide you with quality translation at the least cost to you. These tools complement the efforts of our team, as they can help with cost control and result in greater consistency.

This is the actual translation process. Performing a translation is not as simple as taking one word in one language and replacing it with another. It is the thorough understanding of the meaning of the source material, so that nuances and tones of the original can be rendered in the target language as if that was an original text. To assure quality - our foremost priority - we apply our 3-steps approach to translation:

  • translators, whose native language is the target language, carefully chosen according to subject area
  • editors to review the translation for accuracy
  • proofreaders to assure that your document is error-free and that your message flows as if it had been created in the target language.

Whether your language translation need is small or large, Top Translators is always there to assist you with translating the following documents:

  • Correspondence
  • Brochures & Catalogs
  • Tenders
  • Reports
  • Procedures
  • Articles
  • Birth and death certificates
  • Marriage certificates and divorce decrees
  • and other documents
To manage document translation, we use translation memory software to build a database, or "memory" of the translations created for a client. We can build a translation memory from past translations, or we can start building it with a new project.
The translation memory approach works best for clients who have repetitive material, usable electronic files and a large volume of text in translation projects.
With each new project, the files that need translation are analyzed and compared against existing memories to determine repetitive text. Whenever the same or a similar phrase recurs, the translation memory automatically suggests the memorized translation as a possible match. As a result, same sentences used in similar contexts never need to be translated twice.
At the end of the project, the finished translation is used to update the memory, thus adding to the database and creating a larger pool of translation for future projects. This helps increase translation quality and consistency, decrease translation costs, maximize efficiencies, and improve translation and desktop publishing turnaround times.
At Top Translators, we understand that our clients are not only demanding quality translations, but also need to work with an efficient process so that schedules are not jeopardized. The processes and methodologies that we've developed over the years ensure that we deliver a final product that meets all these requirements.
Our professionals render the translation of your documentations into the various languages, with such talent that they appear to have been originally written in the foreign language. We complement their skills with carefully chosen technology to ensure consistency, unparalleled quality, while respecting your budget and scheduling constraints.
Periodic Updates
It is very common that, after having the material translated, the client makes changes, reviews or updates their originals. This is another reason to choose Top Translators. Since we employ the latest translation technology available, we can update your translation in a fast and cost-effective manner.

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