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When adapting course material to an audience of foreign language speakers, trust Top Translators to deliver not only an accurate translation but also an adaptation of the subject matter to ensure relevancy at all levels with your class participants.
In the training and education field, instructors and course writers alike understand the necessity to use the right language to convey new concepts, to illustrate complex material with memory-reinforcing images, and to intersperse the material with anecdotes aimed at keeping the attention of their audience. When the audience is composed of non-English speakers, how does the course writers ensure than their content is not translated literally, but adapted to the language and context of the target culture? By relying on the services of Top Translators, a complete language service provider that employs native speakers with topical and cultural expertise. And, we handle all types of course format, from documents and manuals to presentation, movies and slides, including voice over.


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