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Few industries have as many regulatory requirements to adhere to as the pharmaceutical sector - Top Translators ensures that all legalities are conveyed accurately without sacrificing the precise translation of medical language.
Companies in the pharmaceutical industry have to carefully craft their communications to the public: not only do they have to follow stringent regulatory rules pertaining to the medications they offers, but they also have to weigh how to best document drug benefits against the amount of technical and medical information that will contribute to the acceptance of their products. These challenges are compounded when considering translating such material, as now the translator must expertly convey highly technical and medical terminology, in a consumer-friendly manner while adhering to legal language requirements.
Another area of specialization is the production of multicultural marketing material for pharmaceutical companies. In many cases, regulations governing such material require not only a translation into one or several languages, but also a process called back translation, where the translated text is translated back into English by a English native translator. This process is performed to ascertain that the original English material was accurately translated into the foreign language, and that nothing was added or omitted. This is an area where pharmaceutical companies benefit from the reach of Top Translators, a complete language service provider with a substantial network of translators possessing strong industry specialties. And, when material combines multiple specialties, the company has the resources to design a team approach to a project, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.


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