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At Top Translators, every business relationship begins with a thorough needs analysis to develop customized strategies that help each client achieve short and long-term goals, maximize efficiencies and ensure a positive return on investment.


Provide the highest-possible quality of language translation by using only professional translators. Our professional translators do not merely convert words and phrases from one language to another, but they act as facilitators for cross-cultural communication. Our translators are professionally trained and specifically matched to the subject matter of your project.
Protect the confidentiality of our clients and their information. As part of an Top Translators translation team, our translators sign confidentiality agreements - an added step to ensure the confidentiality of our clients' information.
Point out cultural differences affecting the impact or relevance of our clients' communications. Our translators strive to provide you with the best quality, most culturally appropriate translations available.
Be aware of appropriate language varieties and dialects for target countries or cultures, and use only translators who are native speakers. Our production staff will specifically select the translators specializing in your subject matter and specific dialect to work on your project.
Keep you, our client, informed! Our translators update their progress daily, and this allows us to keep the client regularly informed of how the project is progressing. Both our production and marketing staffs work closely with our translators every step of the way!
Project Management
Provide as much information as possible to enable our clients to use our services effectively, including guidelines for document preparation, project management and timeline, optimization of content for multi-language delivery, technical considerations for DTP, audio, video, interactive media, etc. Top Translators project coordinators manage the translators working on each project to be certain that our final product meets or exceeds your expectations.
Provide the best native specialist translators for technical subjects, with specialized expertise and linguistic capability, and/or the ability to carry out any necessary research or consultation that will ensure use of appropriate vocabulary, as used by the target audience. Our translators are dedicated to providing you with the best translations possible!
4-Step Quality Assurance
Approach all projects with the same attention to detail and accuracy. Whether large or small, routine or not, each piece shall pass through translation, editing, proofreading and quality assurance steps. Each of the translators assigned to your project is an integral part of our translation process, providing you with a multi-faceted translation-specifically designed to reach your target audience.
Timely Delivery
Be prompt and courteous. Deliver materials according to the agreed-upon timeline, and alert the client if suggested changes to the nature or scope of the project will affect budget or timeframe. Our translators and interpreters are dedicated to the success of your project. If you succeed, we succeed!

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