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Companies that do business globally have realized the importance of reaching their customers in their own languages. The challenge often becomes how to make the localized versions of their products available to their global audiences very shortly after the release of the original language product. This is where Top Translators provides value. Our expert technical resources work with our translators to prepare your product for localization, meaning that we will identify all areas that need to be adjusted for local use, such as date and time formats, currency, calendar start day and specific holidays, measurement systems and more. The software localization process then translates the source language into one or several target languages, with the objective of rendering the content as if it had been originally written in the target languages. Furthermore we:

  • Adapt graphics style and colors to each culture to avoid creating symbols that may be interpreted as negative or offensive
  • Localize scripting languages
  • Synchronize localized user interface with online and printed documentation
We manage your localization project according to your release schedule, either by working with your development group while the product is being finalized, a reiterative process, or we will start once the original product is entirely completed, which will allow us to work on "frozen" files. Top Translators is ready to work with you to give the products you need to reach a greater global audience.

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