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Whether you are holding a meeting or conference, you can ensure to make it a resounding success by offering onsite interpretation services. Interpretation differs from translation in that it involves a human presence for a real time presentation of business-critical information. This could mean a conference or meeting where simultaneous interpretation is needed, or a telephone call. Over the years, Top Translators has gained a reputation and experience in providing interpretation services for companies hosting international meetings.
We select the best interpreters for your particular industry, so that you can rely on their knowledge and expertise to confidently render your event's speeches and presentations in the most accurate manner.

In addition to managing document translation, Top Translators provides translations and voice talent for audio that may be used in business-critical information such as product overviews, presentations, training materials or websites. Whatever the language, professional native linguists are used to provide the voice work required for the project, coupled with a checker for quality control.
Because projects of this nature are business-critical, the choice of foreign language voice talent is important to ensure a positive return on investment. To accomplish this, it is necessary to take into account target audience, voice preference and intonation; these factors need to be considered and perhaps adjusted in order to appeal to a non-native English speaking audience.

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