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We'll find the right terms, images and idioms for your advertising and marketing communications to ensure the success of your campaigns.
Corporations may turn to marketing and advertising agencies to create the messages and visuals that will help promote their brand, products and services, for the domestic market, or they may have the resources in house. The creation of a campaign is a carefully managed project, requiring internal reviews, focus groups, and management approval, as corporations are mindful of the need to deliver a consistent, strong message to their markets. The same attention is required of the translated versions of such campaigns, and we take great care to enhance the translation by incorporating the campaign's conceptual meaning into our cultural adaptation. Clever positioning statements, advertising slogans, copy, and similar content usually cannot be translated. Rather, it needs to be rendered in each target language to deliver the same meaning, using the appropriate idioms and terminology. Top Translators has a long-standing history of working closely with companies needing their marketing material rendered in other languages. This is one area where we require demonstrated marketing expertise of our translators, in addition to native language fluency.


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